Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wish Sticks and Farm Dreams

We put our hopes and dreams into the universe and hope they are well received. As a kid I would blow on dandelion seed heads with all my might hoping that I would get a dog. I would go to church on Sunday thinking that the purpose of communion was to ask God for a dog. I asked my parents too, but I figured I would have better luck with the greater powers of dandelion seeds and the big guy. I've grown since then. I've grown taller and wiser, but I still like to throw my dreams into the universe to ensure safe arrival. Today I begin by putting my dream out to you. This blog is one of the seeds I am blowing into the air with all my might. If I keep blowing I know one will take root and grow strong.

My dream is to connect people through a farm, creating sustainable communities that will inspire others to do the same. Sustainable communities are built on healthy soils, lifestyles, and relationships. My farm dream will teach courses on communication, teamwork, consumption, farming, and more. I seek to utilize teaching forms I have learned at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), the Rochester Institute of Technology and its Interactive Adventures, and Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center (my current home), while expanding upon my experiences with higher education.

Running Trail at Eagle Bluff
I have yet to buy or acquire land, but once found I see a large common hall used for classes, concerts, dining, and receptions; a working small-scale farm; a farm store selling produce and locally made goods; a ropes course; a common residence for workers and visitors; cross-country skiing and hiking trails; and a mountain biking balance course.

The farm will be provide a home for ideas to grow and dreams to spread. I will consistently update this page with my experiences and dreams and I encourage you to do the same.