Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MNA Adventure

First snow followed by my first Naturalist's conference and more snow. I had a fantastic experience meeting new stewards of the environment from all across Minnesota. I was especially excited to meet people from Dodge Nature Center (an educational farm in the Twin Cities) and Wolf Ridge ELC (Eagle Bluff's "father").

My favorite session taught about hydromorphology, the study of how rivers move and change. We have impacted the way water travels extensively causing many rivers to be unstable. Some signs of a healthy, stable river are lots of riparian vegetation along its banks to prevent erosion, an accessible floodplain, and pools for fish to live (see image below).
Signs of an unstable river are heavy erosion, limited floodplain (water has no place to flood, causing further erosion), and limited riparian vegetation (see images below). To build roads, develop farm land, and construct our communities we have straightened and leveled our waterways causing habitat loss. What I love so much about Central New York is that we still have winding rivers and creeks to play in and explore.
 Check out http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/assistance/backyard/healthyrivers/course/100/102_30.htm for an awesome tutorial.


  1. Naturally evolving rivers also have badass rapids to play in!

  2. We just need to eliminate the pollution!